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Founded in 1991, theInternational Council of AIDS Service Organizations’ (ICASO) mission is to mobilize and support diverse community organizations to build an effective global response to HIV and AIDS. This is done within a vision of a world where people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS can enjoy life free from stigma, discrimination, and persecution, and have access to prevention, treatment and care.

Guiding Principles

ICASO is committed to :

  • The central role of people, communities and their organizations in developing and implementing national and international policies and programs.
  • The right of each community-based organization to determine its own priorities, methods of organization, and programs, and to have those choices respected by governments and international agencies.
  • Ensuring the protection and fulfillment of the human rights of all people living with, affected by, and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.
  • The GIPA principle that advocates and promotes the "greater involvement of people living with, and affected by HIV/AIDS" in all aspects of prevention, care and support and research.
  • Ensuring that the needs of women living with, affected by and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS are addressed, and that they are guaranteed an equal voice in policy and program development and implementation.
  • Ensuring that the needs of young people and children living with, affected by and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS are addressed, and that they are guaranteed an equal voice in policy and program formulation and implementation.
  • Non-discrimination and non-stigmatization on the grounds of HIV status, gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, age, cultural or social class, citizenship status, drug use, or employment in the sex industry.
  • Removing fear, coercion and deception from all HIV/AIDS policies, programs and services.
  • Ensuring that relevant international programs are coordinated, and involve partnerships among those living with, and affected by HIV/AIDS, communities and their organizations.

Framed by our vision, mission and guiding principles ICASO’s work is shaped by a set of Strategic Directions (2007-11) that include :

  • Building community sector capacity to advocate
  • Advocating for the effective implementation of universal access to comprehensive HIV and AIDS services
  • Mobilizing and strengthening community sector partnerships and networks
  • Developing a stronger, more effective organization and network

The ICASO network of networks operates globally, regionally and locally, and reaches over 100 countries internationally.

ICASOoperates from its International Secretariat in Canada and through Regional Secretariats based in five continents :

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